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Austin and Nico, Artistic Directors of Bourbon Baroque

Austin and Nicolas, Artistic Directors of Bourbon Baroque

We are excited to launch our brand new website:! While the name hasn’t changed, there are many new aspects to the site that specifically aim to keep you, our beloved patrons, informed of upcoming concerts, events, and important announcements. There are so many ways to keep “in-the-know” whether it be via social media, Louisville culture blogs, periodicals, etc., yet our hope is that this website serves as your point of reference for anything Bourbon Baroque related. Want to attend a concert and don’t know how to get there? We’ve got you covered with GoogleMaps to each concert venue located in the Footer of every page. Our online shopping cart experience has been upgraded to make your CD/DVD and ticket purchasing a breeze. No more leaving the site to make a transaction! New patrons now have the option of signing up for our Constant Contact newsletter via the homepage including an option to view the latest edition with one click! Lastly, and perhaps most noticeable is what you are reading now: our new blog. Admittedly, we are new to blogging, but we hope that it can serve as not only an informative resource but also a platform for our patrons to learn more about the insides, the wizards behind the curtain. There are many people who create Bourbon Baroque: musicians, accountants, bookkeepers, audio engineers, videographers, photographers, hair stylists, lint rollers, therapists, pharmacists, technological advisers, critics, administrators, teachers, relatives, students, schools, universities, and of course our supportive patrons. This blog will serve as a window into how it all works! I have a feeling our blog might end up being a bit unpredictable. Fitting, eh?

Please let us know your thoughts on how we can improve our connectivity to you. Your comments and advise are always welcome and appreciated.


Enjoy the website and see you at the Messiah! Push the yellow button for tickets :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Austin and Nico

PS. Text/Call/E-mail Nico. It’s his birthday!

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